Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain waterproof jacket?

After purchasing waterproof clothing, the biggest question is how to maintain the waterproof jacket. Modern waterproof clothing is made up of multi-layer materials, including the outer fabric, the waterproof film in the middle, and the inner protective lining. . The outer layers of these fabrics are then coated with a layer of waterproof material that allows the water droplets to not penetrate into the fabric but instead polymerize into water droplets to roll off the garment. Many waterproof suits are very powerful, such as 1708 Waterproof Coverall Rain Jacket, Waterproof Coverall Rain Jacket

In fact, many waterproof suits that have lost their waterproof function are not because the waterproof film has failed, but because the coating does not work properly, which causes the fabric to be saturated and loses its ability to perspire, thus causing the moisture generated by the body to cause the inside of the garment. moist.

How to avoid damage to the coating of the waterproof suit? It is necessary to understand the use of the waterproof suit first. The coating of the waterproof suit is easily damaged by dust, body oil, and ash, and it is also easy to cause the life of the coating to be greatly reduced by wearing a waterproof suit. Soot and heat can easily make the coating lose its ability to dial water, so pay attention to the maintenance of ordinary clothes.

When it comes to maintenance, the next question is how to clean the waterproof suit? As long as the detergent does not contain high concentrations of chemical components, brightening ingredients can protect the waterproof coating from damage and minimize damage.